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the count to kickoff, 11 hours away from the 49ers divisional playoff game in carolina. we are in charlotte with hundreds of 49ers fans to have made the track. >> the 49ers have definitely now said good-bye to candle stick. they won't play another game there. now the scarlet and gold will have to win on the road as their quest for a sixth championship continues tomorrow morning in north carolina. >> reporter: the 49ers fans
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are having a great time here in downtown charlotte. fans from around the country coming tout to enjoy themselves and they say they'll be ready for tomorrow's game! 49ers' fever invading charlotte on saturday, coming from all over the country gathering here at buffalo wild wings in downtown! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: fans are getting pumped for the big game. >> you've got to get crazy and loud and represent the bay! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: many made the trip from the bay like this lady. we showed you her story before she left for charlotte. now that she's here... >> i am very excited. i have my official rally towel. >> reporter: some live here
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and others... a 49ers' fan living in buffalo. that's right. check this out at his house. >> i have a man cave at home and i named it the 49ers experience. every sunday i usually make go down to the basement around 10:00 east coast time and down there around midnight. >> reporter: what's it going to take to get the 49ers' victory? >> we need to play consistent offense. >> it will come down to the playmakers. >> no turnovers. >> we're going to the super bowl. >> when 49ers fans get together for events like this, you meet new people and friends and we're all one big family and you meet the cousins you didn't know you had! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the 49ers fans
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are saying they will make their presence felt in the stadium. they'll be as loud as possible! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: kron 4 news! >> seattle beat new orleans and that ensures the seahawks will most the championship game, seattle dominating most of the game today. with less than three minutes to go, seattle gets an insurance touchdown, lynch going with 28 carries, 140 yards and two touchdowns. an onside kick, and the seahawks hold on. if the 49ers win tomorrow, they'll play seattle in seattle, and the winner of that game we
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be headed to the super bowl. luck and the colts lost to the patriots. a developing story in the south bay, a string of fires intentionally set in san jose over the last 72 hours. tonight investigators are concerned about the safety of residents and firefighters. they believe the person responsible is familiar with the area. they have released a photo of a person of interest. he is said to be wearing baggy clothes and large-framed glasses. >> reporter: there's been 10 fires in the last three days. this one here on 17th street started after 4:00 a.m. luckily there was a jogger who started the blaze and started knocking on doors. when nobody answered, they ran to the fire station down the
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lock. firefighters were there within two minutes but by that time three quarters of the roof was inflamed and essentially collapsed. the elderly couple made it out safely. but just like the others, the blaze at this home was set in the early morning. arson investigators say it's similar in nature and time frame as the recent fires in the area. targeted structures include a church and commercial buildings and some homes. >> eight of these fires have been intentionally set. >> reporter: luckily nobody has gotten hurt in any of the fires. officials are asking for the public's help in locating this person of interest. be sure the batteries in your
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smoke detectors are up-to-date. >> the exteriors of your homes, keep them clear of easily ignitable materials, newspapers, piles of leaves. >> reporter: they are working tirelessly in an effort to -- working effortlessly in trying to solve this. lots of bay area are heading out for a flu shop but storms and pharmacies are running low. at least 11 deaths are reported of the 79 flu. they saw a steady stream of people come in for the shot but cv s and walgreens say they have temporarily ran out because of high demand. >> once the numbers of individuals who are being
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affected and hospitalized and deaths start to become known by the general public, there's been a rush of individuals to get their flu shot. >> health officials say getting a flu shot is especially important because of the press h1n1. you will find more information on kron we had a little bit of light rain today. we haven't seen rain in more than one month. what we got for today was very light. and now that system has pushed off to the south and east. behind the storm system, a long stretch of fair weather out here in the pacific coming our way, and we're going right back to dry weather, along with warm conditions as we go through the next few days. rainfall amounts were light. main fall was reported but not
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enough for it to be measured where it says "tr," so most places with a little bit of rain. there were a few locations that picked up about a 10th of an inch. sunshine for the day tomorrow. things are really warming up. i'll talk about the rest of the forecast coming up. a fire in walnut creek leaves one man dead and a family looking for answers. the cost of your electricity could depend on when you flip the light switch on. the search is on for a violent predator where police say he attacked a woman. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online.
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police are looking for a suspected sexual predator. we have a sketch of a man where they say a victim was grabbed from behind and the suspect began to sexually assault her. she was able to burn the man on
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the face with her cigarette. he pulled a gun out to rob the woman but she got away. how ford spilled the beans on what information it gets from your vehicle. tonight we're learning the identity of the victim of a identity of the victim of a deadly house fire and the great american novel. identity of the victim of a deadly house fire and so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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last night in a house fire has been identified. the sheriff's department says charles mcdonald died in his home. we spoke with a family member still shaken by the sudden loss. >> reporter: she says life won't be the same without her son-in-law. >> he's a very nice, kind man. he looks mean but he's not. >> reporter: she wanted to share a picture but all of them burned up in the fire. >> on friday she said he seemed different. the 62-year-old man worked as an airline mechanic and had a bad back. they say he stayed home to rest friday while she and her daughter went out to dinner. all three live in this home. >> my daughter was watering the
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plant and my daughter saw fire, you know, and smoke coming out of the house. my daughter said, mom, get out. get out. fire. >> reporter: fire crews arrived but fire and heavyvy smoke prevented the rescue. charles was the only one inside. the fact he wasn't burned leaves her to believe she died of smoke inhalation and that his pain medication may have kept him from knowing there was a fire. a cold case from '11 has been cracked. an arrest has been made in the temple nightclub murder three year ago. he is charged with voluntary
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manslaughter and other related charges. hernandez was an innocent bystander, police say. this surveillance video was released back in may of '11 and now the suspects are behind bars. >> we want to remind the public that our cases remain open and active unless an arrest is made. >> reporter: the parents accepted his medical degree from ucsf on the day he was supposed to grad. hernandez also volunteered in katrina relief efforts and worked with refugees in mexico when he was a teenager. a winter storm is delaying the effort to recover the remains of a san jose pilot and family in an idaho wilderness. it was located yesterday more than five weeks after it crashed. bad weather forced a recovery crew to turn back today. the pilot's wife responded to
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the discovery of the plane. the plane is in pieces and buried in the snow. they haven't found the parts, however we know my family members died painlessly. officials say inclusion on the list doesn't mean a product will kaneohe service and allow consumers to make their choices. in west virginia for the third day in a row water in the homes of about 300,000 residents is not safe to drink or wash dishes with. this is a of the a chemical leak at a coal plant north of charleston. you can see new pictures here of
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where the leak started. >> we have to buy our water. we can't use it for nothing. >> reporter: residents across west virginia are outraged about this chemical that has let their tap water unsafe to drink. residents are desperate for clean drinking water. >> this is the third place i've been to for trying to get water so i've resorted to ice. >> reporter: fema is bringing in millions of liters of water all weekend. >> the governor made a request to the president for a federal emergency disaster and it was approved. >> reporter: officials traced a smell to this area. not even boiling the water will
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make it safe to consume. this means simple things like brushing your teeth and washing dishes are i possible. >> it's a prison from which we'd like to be released. >> hospitals had to turn away nonemergency patients because of the water shortage. but the state says they're trying to fix the problem. freedom industries hasn't provided a full explanation as to how the leak occurred. >> it could be days before residents can drink the water. five people have been hospitalized because of the infected water. here is a few of city hall in san francisco after a day with lots of clouds and even wet weather. notice all of the lights, red and gold. i wonder what that could mean,
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grant! >> the 49ers! >> yes. and the weather looks pretty good in charlotte. no bad weather. in the bay area we'll see temperatures in the low 60s with sunny excuse and it will warm up through the next few days. monday, offshore winds, and we could see readings getting into the 70s in the warmest places and record highs, a possibility for much of this week. it will be sunny and warm through the week. temperatures at night will be mid-to upper 30s in the north and east bay valleys and 40s by the bay with low clouds and patchy fog to start out the morning. for the afternoon, sunshine and blue skies. we're back to dry weather again, and 62 san jose and upper 50s
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and low 60s for the east bay. upper 50s by the bay and getting into low 60s as we get towards livermore, antioch. 60s for oakland. 50s at the ocean. here is the 7-day forecast around the bay. the wet weather, that was a brief tease because we're going right back to our dry conditions with sunshine but really nice weather, upper 60s, low 70s for much of this week, turning a little bit cooler by the weekend with extra clouds. we may be paying more for electricity especially if we're home during the day. a plan is being considered for charging consumers on the time of day the energy is used. supporters of the plan say it would encourage people to conserve energy in the
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afternoons when demand peaks. privacy in the wake of comments from a ford executive. he said gp s technology allows ford to know when drivers were speeding and where they were when they got a heavy foot. ford later says they don't track drivers without their consent. world news, vice president joe biden will be present for the ceremony for sharon and pay tribute. details of the memorial service haven't been officially announced.
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we'll show you all of the fun tech gadgets and products from the consumer electronics show. the top 20 new high-tech gadgets, january 24th at 9:00, right after kron 4 news at 8:00.
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across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city,
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>> reporter: exiled by his step father... and sold into slavery, he must fight to overthrow the king and reclaim the kingdom. >> i will not stop until i've returned the princess. >> reporter: it's rated pg-13. the bay area is really focused on the 49ers game tomorrow. >> it looks nice. temperatures are in the 50s.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. save me, actress anne hathaway, did she almost drown in hawaii? the shocking photos. gasping for air, waving her arms for help, and exclusive video as her husband comforts her. >> then the husband accused of deliberating running over his wife's dog, exclusive, the wife speaks out. >> you believe he did this on purpose? >> and the slaying of a beauty queen. now the grief stricken former miss usa comes forward. >> i just burst into tears. >> plus no. 1 suspect? did justin bieber really just egg his neighbor's house? >> i see you!

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